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Friday, Nov 3
5pm Early Check-in Aderhold
6pm Check-in Aderhold Luckie St Entrance
7pm Dinner Aderhold
7:30pm Opening Ceremonies Aderhold
8:30pm Hacking Begins
Idea Mixer / Team Forming
9pm Workshop A: Getting Started with HTML and JavaScript Room 005
10pm Workshop B: Getting Started With iOS Room 005
11pm Workshop C: Building Serverless Architechture Room 005
11:30pm Snack Aderhold
Saturday, Nov 4
9am Breakfast Aderhold Popular St Entrance
10am Snack Aderhold Popular St Entrance
12pm Lunch Aderhold Popular St Entrance
2pm TBA Room 005
3pm Snack Aderhold
5pm Cup Stacking Ground Floor
6:30pm Dinner Aderhold
7pm TBA Room 005
8pm Snack Aderhold
11pm Snack Aderhold
Sunday, Nov 5
12am Midnight Madness Aderhold
9am Breakfast Aderhold
9am Submit to Devpost
Hacking Ends
10am Hack Expo Aderhold
11:30am Finalist Demos Aderhold
12:15pm Closing/ Award Ceremonies Aderhold
What is hackGSU?
hackGSU is the Hackathon hosted by the GSU Computer Science Department's ACM & IEEE student organizations. 100% free of charge, Lots of Food, $$ Prizes $$. This semester, hackGSU will be a 500+ participant event taking place from Nov 3 - 5, 2017.
I have never been to a hackathon before, what should I do?
No problem! We will be providing mentors during the hackathon and we will be running workshops during the hackathon.
When and where is hackGSU happening?
HackGSU will take place on November 3 - 5, at our beautiful downtown campus in Atlanta, GA.

60 Luckie Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30303

But I don't have an idea, what should I do?
Not a problem! We will walk you through how to generate great ideas at the beginning of hackGSU.
How about teams?
Once the idea generation is done, there will be an open mic and networking time to find a team. In addition, after you have registered, you also will be invited to the hackGSU Facebook group prior to the hackathon in order to discuss ideas and teams.
What should I bring?
You will definitely need your laptop, phone, chargers (phone and laptop), toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant), headphones, medication (if applicable), as well as a valid student or government ID. Feel free to also bring along a sleeping bag, and we recommend some comfortable clothes (sweatpants and a hoodie are highly recommended).
How can I confirm that my registration was received for hackGSU?
Login to your account, and choose My Profile > Authorized Apps. Your hackGSU registration will display, including the date that you registered.
Who can participate?
All university students*! You do not have to be a computer science major to participate in the competition! If you're someone who is willing to learn and wants to take a shot at changing the world, no matter what your field is, you definitely belong here.
How much does it cost?
Nothing! Zero! The event is absolutely free for all participants. We will provide you with the venue, food, Wi-Fi, etc. You just need to show up.
When is the deadline to register?
There is no deadline. The registration will cut off after we reach our limit. As of 10/24/17 we are 62 Hackers away from that limit. TLDR: Register now.
I am not near to Atlanta, is there travel reimbursement?
Travel reimbursement requests will be available while funds last. We will be providing up to $200 in individual travel reimbursement this year, while funds are available, for requests received before the cutoff. (If we are not notified in advance of your travel reimbursement request, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that we will be able to reimburse you).
How do I obtain travel reimbursement?
Travel reimbursement requests will be available while funds last. We will be providing up to $200 in individual travel reimbursement this year, while funds are available (see above), for requests received before the cutoff. To obtain the travel reimbursement, you must have receipts. You must not live or go to school in Georgia to be eligible for travel reimbursement. Funds will be dispersed on a first-come, first-served basis, based on the timestamp of your pre-event email request to Examples of eligible travel expenses include gas, airline tickets, etc. There will be plenty of free food at the HackGSU event, so we are not reimbursing food expenses. We are not reimbursing hotel expenses at this time (you are welcome to bring a sleeping bag).
Is there a Code of Conduct?
*I'm in highschool and I would like to attend...
We'd love to see you. Please email us at, so that we can coordinate the parental permissions that you'll need! If you're local to Georgia, please register!If you're not from Georgia, please register, and make sure to drop us a note so that we can help reimburse travel expenses (while funds last).
I have another question...
Please feel free to email us at for any questions you have!
Parking for the Event
We have reserved parking for you at our G-Deck. G-Deck has three entrances. But, for hackGSU, you have to use the entrance on Collins St. Parking on Friday is not free, but it is free over the weekend. On Friday, visitors will have to pay $7 to park at G-Deck, and students with parking permit will have to pay $5.

121 Collins Street
Major League Hacking 2017 Hackathon Season